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Flooring Work Singapore

Flooring Work Singapore

When it comes to renovating a HDB flat, it all boils down to costing as the priorities, followed by workmanship. I-reno.com always seek to improve in a more transparent costing for owner and at the same times providing best possible top workmanship.

What does the word “Flooring Work Contractor Singapore” means at this column?

Simply means that Homeowner can now seek contractor directly to just provide labour works for flooring related works. Material will be purchased separately by Homeowners. This method will create a more transparent costing for owners and at the same time budget cost saving effectively.

Type of Flooring Services provided:

  1. Tiling Work Singapore
  2. Vinyl Flooring Singapore
  3. Polishing of Marble Flooring Singapore
  4. Vanishing and Grinding of Parquet Flooring Singapore

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